Thursday, December 5, 2013

Top 10 Photos of Beautiful Sexy and Hot Pixie Lott

For this post we are showcasing some of the hot, sexy and gorgeous photos of English actress Pixie Lott. This multi-talented beautiful girl is from United Kingdom. For more about her personal information and biography, read below.

Top 10 Photos of Beautiful Sexy and Hot Pixie Lott

Name : Pixie Lott
Real Name : Victoria Louise "Pixie" Lott
Profession : English singer-songwriter, dancer and actress
Birthday : January 12, 1991
Place of Birth : Bromley, United Kingdom
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 130 lbs
Measurements (Vital Statistics) : 34-24-36

Pixie is also FHM's 7th sexiest and hottest women in the world for the year 2013. She really gained more pretty body because she is only ranked 12th last year 2012. Now here are some of her sexy and hot photos. Enjoy guys!

Pixie Lott photo 001
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Photo 001

Pixie Lott photo 002
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Photo 002

Pixie Lott photo 003
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Photo 003

Pixie Lott photo 004
Image source
Photo 004

Pixie Lott photo 005
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Photo 005

Pixie Lott photo 006
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Photo 006

Pixie Lott photo 007
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Photo 007

Pixie Lott photo 008
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Photo 008

Pixie Lott photo 009
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Photo 009

Pixie Lott photo 010
Image source
Photo 010

That's some of Pixie Lott hot, gorgeous and sexy photos. Indeed, she is really beautiful. What can you say guys? You can comment below. By the way, her is a video of her watch how she sexy she really is.

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