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Top 10 Most Handsome Good Looking Pinoy Actor Celebrities of All Time - Top 10 Lists of

Here is your top 10 most handsome and good looking Pinoy actor celebrities of all time top 10 lists of. This list not only include the present actors but also the actors of the past time. Enjoy the top 10 lists.

Top 10 Most Handsome Good Looking Pinoy Actor Celebrities of All Time - Top 10 Lists of

Actor Name : Aga Muhlach
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TOP : 1
Actor Name : Aga Muhlach
Birth Date : August 12, 1969
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Actor Name : Richard Gomez
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TOP : 2
Actor Name : Richard Gomez
Birth Date : April 7, 1966
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Actor Name : Gabby Concepcion
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TOP : 3
Actor Name : Gabby Concepcion
Birth Date : November 5, 1964
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Actor Name : Bong Revilla
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TOP : 4
Actor Name : Bong Revilla
Birth Date : September 25, 1966
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Actor Name : Richard Gutierrez
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TOP : 5
Actor Name : Richard Gutierrez
Birth Date : January 21, 1984
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Actor Name : Coco Martin
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TOP : 6
Actor Name : Coco Martin
Birth Date : November 1, 1981
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Actor Name : Gerald Anderson
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TOP : 7
Actor Name : Gerald Anderson
Birth Date : March 7, 1989
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Actor Name : Daniel Padilla
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TOP : 8
Actor Name : Daniel Padilla
Birth Date : April 26, 1995
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Actor Name : Derek Ramsay
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TOP : 9
Actor Name : Derek Ramsay
Birth Date : December 7, 1979
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Actor Name : Richard Yap
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TOP : 10
Actor Name : Richard Yap
Birth Date : May 18, 1967
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That's the top 10 most handsome good looking Pinoy actor celebrities of all time. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

Wtf? if you're gonna insist of "All-Time" then where the hell are Eddie Gutierrez, Miguel Rodriguez, Anthony Castelo, Fernando Poe Jr., Jose Mari Gonzales, Juancho Magallona? These are consistent heartthrobs even after their teenage era. none of the list on top could even match the face value of these 60's actors. so i consider your list CRAP.

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