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Top 10 List of Most Beautiful Indian Actresses

If the United States of America has the Hollywood, the Indian society also have their own version and this version of their local hollywood is the so called Bollywood.

When we talk about the Bollywood we already knew that this is all about the entertainment industry. With lots of beautiful actresses and handsome actors, Bollywood movies and films are also known worldwide and there are also lots of Indian actors and actresses that are known worldwide. Surely, these actresses and actors are world class when it comes to their profession.

On the other hand, I have searched and made the top 10 list of the most beautiful Indian actresses and here is your top 10 list.

TOP : 1
Actress Name : Aishwarya Rai
Birth date : November 1, 1973
Profession : Actress, Model

Actress Name : Aishwarya Rai
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TOP : 2
Actress Name : Katrina Kaif
Birth date : July 16, 1984
Profession : Actress, Model

Katrina Kaif

TOP : 3
Actress Name : Preity Zinta
Birth date : January 31, 1975
Profession : Actress

Preity Zinta
Image courtesy

TOP : 4
Actress Name : Priyanka Chopra
Birth date : July 18, 1982
Profession : Actress, model, singer-songwriter

Priyanka Chopra

TOP : 5
Actress Name : Bipasha Basu
Birth date : January 7, 1979
Profession : Film actress, model

Bipasha Basu
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TOP : 6
Actress Name : Kajol Mukherjee
Birth date : August 5, 1974
Profession : Film actress

Actress Name : Kajol Mukherjee
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TOP : 7
Actress Name : Vidya Balan
Birth date : January 1, 1978
Profession : Actress

Vidya Balan
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TOP : 8
Actress Name : Kangna Ranaut
Birth date : March 23, 1987
Profession : Actress

Kangna Ranaut
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TOP : 9
Actress Name : Rani Mukerji
Birth date : March 21, 1978
Profession : Actress

Rani Mukerji
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TOP : 10
Actress Name : Kareena Kapoor
Birth date : September 21, 1980
Profession : Film Actress

Actress Name : Kareena Kapoor
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Please be noted that the top 10 that we are including here in our blog are all unofficial rankings unless otherwise noted. Most of the top ten lists are based on Google search results and collected mainly from different blogs and websites around the internet world.

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