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Top 10 Major Industry in the Philippines

Here is the top 10 major industry in the Philippines.

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We knew that an industry is "Industry is the production of an economic good or service within an economy. Industry is often classified into three sectors: primary or extractive, secondary or manufacturing, and tertiary or services. Some authors add quaternary (knowledge) or even quinary (culture and research) sectors." - from

Since Philippines is an Agricultural country its main industry is the Crop Industry. One hundred percent (100%) of the seventeen regions are all engaged in crop industry. These crops range from rice, corn, beans, banana, sugarcane and other crops.

The Philippines industry includes the following list.
1. Crops Industry
2. Food Processing Industry
3. Agriculture Industry
4. Minerals Industry
5. Mining Industry
6. Milling Industry
7. Handicraft and Furniture Industry
8. Machinery Industry
9. Textiles and Garments Industry
10. Textiles and Furniture Industry
11. Quarrying Industry
12. Natural gas Industry
13. Energy Related Industry
Here is the list of the major industry in the Philippines.


Industry Percentage of Engaged Regions
1. Crops 100%
2. Food Processing 76%
3. Agriculture 65%
4. Minerals 59%
4. Mining 59%
5. Tourism 41%
6. Milling 35%
7. Handicrafts & Furniture 29%
7. Mass Transportation Operation 29%
8. Machinery 18%
8. Livestock & Poultry 18%
9. Textiles & Furniture 12%
10. Textiles & Furniture 6%
10. Quarrying 6%
10. Natural Gas 6%
10. Energy Related 6%

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